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Theme Options controls almost all the settings in Jupiter theme. To access Theme Options, you have two ways:

  • From WordPress top menu > Theme Options
  • From WordPress left menu > Jupiter > Theme Options

In this article, we’ll explain Global Settings of Theme Options. In this group of settings, you can configure:

  • Site Settings
  • Logo & Title
  • Preloader
  • Quick Contact
  • API Integrations

In this article

Site Settings

Theme Accent Color

This setting allows to select the primary theme color. It affects some of the elements, not all.

Smooth Scroll

Enable an easing scrolling effect for default browser scrolling? It affects the default mouse scrolling in whole website.

Comments on Pages

This option enables comments section on all website pages.

Go to Top

This option enables “Go to Top” button on the site.

Retina Images

This options enables automatic generation of high quality images. The images are used for retina devices.

Responsive Images

Enable this option for automatic generation of responsive and adaptive images. It generates different image sizes for various devices automatically.

Image Resize Quality

This option defines the quality for built-in image cropping. The default value is 100%.

Logo & Title

Logo Margin

Set the number of pixels to adjust bottom spacing of logo. This option works only in full screen navigation.

Default & Dark Logo

Here you can upload a default logo. It will be also used for for transparent header and dark header skin (these options can be set for each page individually in Jupiter Styling Options section in the single page editor).

Light Logo

Here you can upload a light logo. It will be also used for transparent header and light header skin.

Sticky Header Logo

This option allows to upload a logo for sticky header.

Mobile Logo

This options allows to upload a logo for small devices. It is helpful when the default logo is big.

Sub Footer Logo

Here you can upload a logo for sub footer section. The image should not exceed 150×60 pixels.

Custom Favicon

Use this option to upload a custom favicon of your website. You may use Generate Favicon website.

Touch Device Icons

Setting Description
Apple IPhone IconUploads an icon for Apple iPhone (57×57 pixels).
Apple IPhone Retina IconUploads an icon for Apple iPhone Retina Version (114×114 pixels).
Apple IPad Icon UploadUploads an icon for Apple iPhone (72×72 pixels).
Apple IPad Retina Icon UploadUploads an icon for Apple iPad Retina Version (144×144 pixels).


Enable this option to show preloader functionality globally throughout the website. This option can be overridden from each page options.

More information about Preloader settings can be found in the article General Site Preloader Theme Options in Jupiter.

Quick Contact

Quick contact form is a tiny icon at the right bottom of the front end in the theme which will bring a pop up quick contact form on click.

The more detailed description of this option is written in the article Quick Contact Form (Theme Options > Global Settings > Quick Contact).

API Integrations

This section is used to fill in API key to make some widget or Visual Composer element work, for example, Twitter widget or Google Map, or MailChimp Subscribe Form, etc. All these elements require API keys for proper work.

Twitter Settings

To fill in the fields, you need follow these steps:

At first you must apply for a Twitter developer account and be approved before you may create new apps. Once approved, you will be able to create new apps from
Log in to the developer portal on this site (must have applied or have been approved) or using your Twitter credentials.
Open the Twitter app for which you would like to generate access tokens.
Navigate to the “Keys and Tokens” page.
Select ‘Create‘ under the “Access token & access token secret” section.
Fill in the required fields with the received data.
  • Consumer Key
  • Access Token
  • Access Token Secret

MailChimp Settings

Setting Description
Mailchimp List IDAdd your MailChimp List ID here. For more information, please read Find Your List ID article.
Mailchimp Opt-In EmailEnable the option of you think that subscribers must receive a Please Confirm Subscription email.

Other Integrations

Setting Description
Google Maps API KeyEnter the key which you can generate as described at this link.
Google Analytics IDEnter your Google Analytics ID here to track your site with Google Analytics. Jupiter does not support Event Tracking. To use this feature, a 3rd-party plugin is required.
Typekit Kit IDEnter a Typekit Kit ID for using Typkit fonts.
MailChimp API KeyEnter a MailChimp API Key.


If you have any questions or difficulties setting up Theme Options, please create a ticket to our support staff.

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