Growmatik plugin overview

Updated on August 14, 2020

Growmatik is the all-in-one personalized marketing automation WordPress plugin. It’s a marketing solution that helps to analyze user behavior on a website and uses obtained information to automatically deliver personalized website content, popups, and emails. Growmatik unites personalization, marketing, and automation in WordPress.

The main features in the Growmatik dashboard:

The Reports Page – it’s the first page in the Growmatik dashboard, where the extensive statistics about the site’s traffic is displayed. You can analyze this data to take further proper actions to improve your customer’s journey on the site. More detailed information about Reports can be found in the documentation.

Automations – it’s a powerful mechanism in the Growmatik app that automates marketing actions. Here you can create and manage automation rules that show popups and personalized content, send emails, and more for visitors based on their behavior on your site. Check the documentation to get more about the Automations section.Customer Journey is the section where you can view and analyze the journey of your customers on a website and find the criteria of the popular conversion paths. This section allows you to review different funnels and decide what actions do to make all conversion funnels work effectively. In this article, you can read more about the Customer Journey features.

The People Page is another useful feature in Growmatik which helps you to create custom segments by grouping people using different filters and then apply different automation actions for these segments. To learn how to work with the segments check this article.

The workshop is the last section in the Growmatik dashboard app which contains such tools as Popups, Media Library, Emails, Personalizations. Using these tools you can create custom popups, emails, and personalized pages and then use them in automation rules.

Plugin details:

  • Author – Artbees
  • Official site –
  • Official documentation – Growmatik documentation
  • Note: Growmatik is completely free of charge to use during its beta stage. With its free plan, you can manage 2,000 subscribers, send 10,000 emails, and personalize your website for 10,000 visits for free every month. All paid plans also come with a 1-month free trial.
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