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Header Builder provides a feature to create a header for specific devices – desktop, tablet and mobile. In this article, we’ll explain how to use header builder to make a tablet & mobile header.

Beware! The Header Builder is still in beta version. Please do not test it on a live website until the stable release. If you’ve found a bug related to the header builder, please report it as shown in this article.

In this article

Activating the Header Builder

By default, the Header Builder is disabled. To learn how to activate it, check out this article.

Making Tablet & Mobile Header

To create a header specific to these devices:

From the WordPress left menu, go to Jupiter > Header Builder.

tablet & mobile header

From the top, click on the tablet icon.

tablet & mobile header

Add elements to create a tablet specific header.

tablet & mobile header

Note: Changing the header in tablet state will apply the changes to its child (mobile) but not parent (desktop) state. After configuring the tablet header, click on the mobile icon to see this in action.
From the top, click on the mobile icon.

tablet & mobile header

You will notice that the tablet elements are also applied in the mobile header. You may change these elements to configure the header for mobile, without affecting the tablet header.

tablet & mobile header

Click on Save and check your website on tablet and mobile device to see the two different headers.

tablet & mobile header

If you have any questions regarding Header Builder, please contact our support team creating a ticket via your Artbees Dashboard.

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