Hiding Control Panel tabs in Jupiter X

Updated on May 15, 2019

How to hide some tabs like Templates, Plugins, etc. in the Control Panel in Jupiter X

There is possibility you can hide tabs like Home, Plugins, Templates, Updates, etc. in Jupiter X > Control Panel.

To achieve this, you’ll need to edit files of your WordPress site via FTP. 

1. Connect via FTP using some FTP client like FileZilla.

2. Go to the directory where WordPress installation is located.

3. Open wp-config.php file and add one of the below strings depending on what tab you want to exclude:

Home – define( 'JUPITERX_CONTROL_PANEL_HOME', false );
Plugins – define( 'JUPITERX_CONTROL_PANEL_PLUGINS', false );
Templates – define( 'JUPITERX_CONTROL_PANEL_TEMPLATES', false );
Image Sizes – define( 'JUPITERX_CONTROL_PANEL_IMAGE_SIZES', false );
System Status – define( 'JUPITERX_CONTROL_PANEL_SYSTEM_STATUS', false );
Updates – define( 'JUPITERX_CONTROL_PANEL_UPDATES', false );
Settings – define( 'JUPITERX_CONTROL_PANEL_SETTINGS', false ); 

By default Import/Export tab is disabled in the Control Panel, and if you want to use these features, you need add this code:

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