Hooks, Actions and filters

Updated on June 18, 2019

Jupiter X uses the Beans Framework so all the hooks in that framework are supported in Jupiter X https://www.getbeans.io/code-reference/

These hooks are already categorized on the page e.g Admin hooks, API hooks. Besides the above hooks, we have also registered our custom hooks in Jupiter X.

Note: replace all the hooks prefix beans_ with jupiterx_

Control Panel Hooks


  1. jupiterx_control_panel_init is triggered when you view Jupiter X control panel in the Dashboard.
  2. jupiterx_control_panel_get_started is triggered in Control Panel Home pane before Getting started.
  3. jupiterx_control_panel_after_theme_settings is triggered after theme settings before Donut settings in Control Panel settings pane.


  1. jupiterx_control_panel_pane_{$slug}
  2. jupiterx_widget_settings is used for filtering widget settings while importing them in control panel import/export pane.
  3. jupiterx_template_download_url is used for filtering the template download link when we install a particular template.

Custom Fields Hooks


  1. jupiterx_post_options_post_types is used to filter the post types where Jupiter X acf local meta fields will be shown.

Setup Wizard Hooks


  1. jupiterx_print_templates Used for rendering templates in setup wizard.

Customizer Hooks


  1. {$id}_before_panel Run action before section added.
  2. {$id}_after_panel Run action after panel added.
  3. {$id}_before_section Run action before section added.
  4. {$id}_after_section Run action after section added.
  5. {$args[‘settings’]}_before_field Run action before field added.
  6. {$args[‘settings’]}_after_field Run action after field added.
  7. jupiterx_before_customizer_register Fires before customizer settings are registered.
  8. jupiterx_after_customizer_register Fires after customizer settings are registered.

Initialization Hooks


  1. jupiterx_init Load Jupiter framework.
  2. jupiterx_before_load Fires before Jupiter loads.
  3. jupiterx_after_load Fires after Jupiter loads.
  4. jupiterx_after_load_api Fires after all the api components are loaded.

Plugin Hooks


  1. jupiterx_check_plugin_conflicts This filter is applied to the  Jupiter X maintained plugins that may cause conflicts on updating them based on the currently installed plugins version & a Jupiter X theme version.
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