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Updated on January 22, 2019

Creative Professionals – As a creative professional you may have different challenges to make a good website which will show your inner most powers, which is well being creative!

With the introduction of Ken theme we tried to answer such needs with state of the art design patterns which we applied to it’s templates. In this article we want to point out some of those features that Ken provides which will be helpful to be creative 🙂

Add full screen content on your homepage

Homepage of the website is the most important page a site can have and meanwhile can be not dedicated to specific subject such as contact or about pages. That is why it is always a good place to have some full screen slider at the top of that page

You can use Ken’s Edge Slider shortcode/Post Type combination to achieve wonderful full screen effects which will help you stand out whatever you want to show visitors right out of the bat.

Edge Slider

Use Videos

Have you ever heard that an image can be more than 1000 words? Well if image can worth such, imagine how video will rock visitors world! So get up and take your simple smartphone and search for cool ideas that can show how creative you are. Shoot a1 or 2 minute video and include it on your website.

Well guess what! You can show your video as a background and use some cool title shortcodes, such as Fancy Title or Fancy Text over that video to just take viewer breath away.

You can use Page Section background or Edge Slider to add your Video as a background in Ken.

Check the third slide of main Edge Slider of our main demo page to get a grasp of how you can achieve with this by clicking here.

Video Background

Diversity is a must!

Creative Professionals – Have you ever seen a creative designer website look the same after you revisit it in lets say 3months later? Well NO! And you know why? Because ok you designed a pretty cool work with a brilliant idea, but it will get old in some time.

You need to redecorate your website completely every now and then for the sake of just diversity.

That us where Ken comes to be a little cute handy tool for you! Nearly every month a new Template is released with completely new look and feel over same ol’ Ken framework. That is why you can get ideas and have a blueprint to start an even cooler design based upon those new templates. Give it a try! You won’t believe how creative you can get 😉

Just go to the main demo page of Ken and under demos menu you will find a list of them you can use as a blueprint for your design.


Be Responsive

Creative Professionals – With the burst of different new devices which have a browser and can traverse the web, it is not enough to have a website deal with only desktop devices. Nowadays we have Tablets, Smartphones and newly Watches and Glasses to take care of! Don’t you wanna look pretty everywhere like a doll ? 😀

Then buckle up and think about how you can make your website responsive so that it can re-shape itself in a while which is good looking for the target device! Wait a moment! Sorry for misunderstanding, you use Ken right? well then skip this section all together as it handles that out of the box!

But anyhow always it is good to know that there are few extra tools you can use to hide or show your content on different devices. You just need to go to the options section of your Page Section or Row and play with Visibility for Devices option there.

Creative Professionals - Responsive

Creative Professionals - Visibility for Devices

Eye Candy Contrast

Always try to have just enough bit of contrast between your background and foreground text, this may be something you already knew but a thing some designers forget a lot these days.

We suggest that you use pre prepared Ken shortcodes which will do give the Text and Background settings right in the shortcode, so you will HAVE TO set them accordingly. Shortcodes such as Animated Columns, Image Box, Fade Textbox and so on.

Creative Professionals - Animated Columns

Shake things a little bit!

Creative Professionals – Have you ever heard that a website should be simple enough to read and not confuse visitor? So it is recommended to use only text and some simple images and it is enough. Well No! I mean actually yes but not for you guys! If you had a website for a bank branch, recommendation we mentioned above would be true for you. But you are a creative designer! So why don’t we use some animation here and there to move things around our website to make our potential customer happy happy.

Creative Professionals – Try to use shortcodes such as Moving Image or Flip Box to have some animations over your website and spice things up a little bit.

Creative Professionals - Flip Box

Creative Professionals - Moving Image

We know that there are plenty other points which you need to know for having a good creative professional website, that is why we encourage you to take part in making this article better and richer. So please kindly use the Article Feedback feature and give your suggestions and case scenarios. We will surely include your ideas here if we see it fit.

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