How to Add Side Dashboard in Jupiter

Updated on January 2, 2019

Side dashboard is a featureĀ available in Jupiter theme when Header style 3 is selected. It provides a pop over effect, which reveals a section containing additional information that you can choose using Widgets. For more information about different header styles click here. To see a demo of this feature in action click here. Here is how to add this feature in Jupiter:

Jupiter Side Dashboard demo 1

Steps to Add Side Dashboard

1Select Header Style 3.  

Go to Theme Options > Header and use the Header Chooser tool to set the main site header style to Style 3.

2Select Side Dashboard.  

On the very same page scroll down to see the Secondary Menu settings section. Set the option to Side Dashboard there in the Style setting.

3Assign Widgets to Side Dashboard Widget Areas.  

Go to Appearance > Widgets and find two Widget Areas which you can use to add widgets to the feature. Available Widget Areas are:

  1. Side Dashboard – Above Navigation
  2. Side Dashboard – Below Navigation

Add whatever widget that you like to first Widget Area to add them above the main navigation in side dashboard.

Add whatever widget that you like to second Widget Area to add them below the main navigation in side dashboard.

You can assign any widget that you want to these areas for different reasons, such as categories listing, meta listing and so on. There is no limitation for Widgets which you can use, but it is important to know that some 3rd party widgets may have different styling and it may not suite your website design guideline.

Jupiter Side Dashboard widget areas

4Assign Menu to Side Dashboard.  

Go to Appearance > Menus and click on the Menu Locations tab to show the menu location chooser page. Find the Side Dashboard navigation location and assign your desired menu into that location. Then click on save button.

Jupiter Side Dashboard navigation location


Now you will have the feature on your website which will be triggered by clicking the hamburger icon at the header section of the page. This feature is only available in header style 3.

Jupiter Side Dashboard demo 2

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