How to Convert Pages to Elementor?

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We highly recommend using the Elementor as your main and only page builder in the Jupiter X theme. This can be an issue if you are upgrading from Jupiter 6 (or older) to Jupiter X. Since Jupiter 6 used WPBakery Page Builder, the recreation of pages in Elementor is needed. Unfortunately, to convert the page from WPBakery Page Builder to the Elementor, it has to be done manually by recreating the whole page.

To learn how to properly upgrade from Jupiter 6 to Jupiter X, check out this article.

To learn more about the Elementor and how to create pages using it, check out the articles in the Elementor category on the right.

It is recommended to duplicate your old website in a staging environment, then switch to Jupiter X and Elementor. Then open the pages of the old website one by one and start creating the same look by using the Elementor on the staging website. After finishing the conversion, it’s time to migrate your staging website to the live one using All In One WP MIgration plugin. Please note that, in order to provide a staging website, you won’t need to provide another license. You can simply revoke the live API key and use it on the staging website since it’s for development purpose. Check out this article to learn how.

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