How to create a killer landing page

Updated on July 4, 2018

Having normal blog pages for shop is not a good idea to attract customers and make sweet money! It is very important to have killer landing pages for your shop to make customer stay on your page and get interested in different parts of your website and your products. Same rule apply if you sell sheep or submarines!

Here are a list of points you need to take into account to have a killer shop landing page, having Jupiter theme in mind.

Attract customers with one big title to focus on

Always have a motto or a one sentence to describe and attract your customers. Do not add extra information in big title and try to focus on most important and main part that you think is your product strong point. Needless to say that you’d better skip over product weak points all together in your website 🙂

For this section we suggest you to use Fancy Title or Title Box or Page Title Box shortcodes.

Landing Page Add Element

Landing Page Fancy Title Front End

Points you need to take into consideration on usage of these shortcodes:

  1. Set the Tag of title to H2
  2. Use a color to stand out from rest of the page
  3. Have a big Font Size
  4. Use a Font that is suitable for Titles, such as Open Sans, …
  5. Better not to use Italic styles in this case
  6. Center align title

Call to Action

Call to Action is the most important part of a good landing page. The goal of landing page is to attract customer to buy a product or use a service. Call to Action is the only place which will make that possible. It need to be above the fold and be a big box with noticeable background image. Also it is important that your background have a real life image of your product or service, so visitors can see what they will get in a glimpse.

Call to Action

You can have good Call to Action boxes by using proper shortcode of Jupiter. We suggest that you check Custom Box, Mini Call Out and Button shortcodes.

One Page Navigation

Landing page is a good starting point for introduce your service, but a problem is that it is only a one page. So you have limited space to add your information into the page, and also it is not a good practice to redirect visitors to other pages as customers will loose the track. Visitors make a decision within few seconds and you need to get the most of that limited time. One of best ways to have enough space to add your content and avoid adding additional pages, is the one page navigation. You will add menu at the top of the landing page, but upon clicking on menu items browser window will smoothly scroll down to desired place of content. And at the same time whole menu system sticks to top of the browser window for easy access to other section of the page.

Landing One Page

Jupiter supports one page navigation system which will serve the exact goal for your landing page. For more information about this system please click here.

Great Layout

Having a good layout structure is essential for landing pages. You need to use good color combinations with apparent positioning of elements in boxes. There is no single standard for the best layout and it mostly depends on the type of service or product which you created your landing page for.

Landing Layout

As an example you can have 2 buttons lined up next to your product image with a solid color background. It is better to change the color of a button which is more important such as download or purchase button.

With the help of Visual Composer tool in Jupiter you are only limited to your imagination to construct different layouts. Use Page Section shortcode and different column combination to make breath taking layouts. Also Jupiter provides container based shortcodes which give you out of the box layouts to use, such as Animated Columns, Custom Boxes, Content Boxes and so on. Also you can see inspiring designs by checking Jupiter different Templates. For more information please click here.

Talk about what customer needs

In most cases people do not search for your product only. They search to fulfill their need on something. So you need to think as a customer and not brag about the product itself only. Use common sense and try to describe how people will benefit from having your product.

For this section we suggest that you avoid using text too much. Use a mixture of Text Block or Highlighted text shortcodes and catchy images which will attract customer using Image or Moving Image or Image Box shortcodes.

Add Image Element

Image Box

Image Frame 1

Image Frame 2

Make your product visible

Do not use any stock images for your products. Take time and get catchy and good pictures of your product from different angles. If needed forget about pocket money and spend a little by hiring a professional in this case 🙂
Try to use carousels or any kind of showcase tool to present maximum 5 best selling products you have.

For this section we suggest that you use Woocommerce Carousel shortcode.

Add Element Carousel

Carousel Front End

Social Attractiveness

Be Social attractive, it means that you need to show people that there are many people in social media that trust you and your products. You need to have accounts for your shop in popular social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

For this section use Jupiter social media icons which you can add from theme options -> general -> social networks

Header Options

And also use our JP series social media Widgets such as JP Instagram, JP Social Networks or JP Twitter Feeds.

Tailored Landing Pages

In general you need to consider your end users that you redirect them to your product landing page. That is why in some cases you may have different versions of landing page for different audience. For example in some cases you need customers straight up into a product, or you are targeting people that love to have choices regarding a product. In such cases you need to prepare special landing pages.

Best shortcode to use to give customers choices is Pricing Table which serves exact goal mentioned above.

Pricing Table

We know that there are plenty other points which you need to know for having a killer shop landing page, that is why we encourage you to take part in making this article better and richer. So please kindly use the Article Feedback feature and give your suggestions and case scenarios. We will surely include your ideas here if we see it fit.

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