How to create good photography website?

Updated on July 4, 2018

Photography Website – Websites are 24/7 business cards which impacts our business in great extend nowadays with explosion of web related technologies and social media networks. This is a good point, but we need to take this point into account that having a website specially tailored for our business is crucial now.

In this article we will share our ideas about a good Photography website having Jupiter tips and tricks in mind.

Photography Website – Show your BEST work

So you are a photographer and naturally that means you think you pushed the boundaries of art and artistic world owes you big time regarding this! We agree with you! That is why you need to showcase your best works at your home page or landing page to catch the hungry eyes for your art.

We suggest that you use Edge Slideshow with transparent header, Portfolio Carousel or Blog and Portfolio Showcase shortcodes for this.

Photography Website Front End 1

Photography Website Carousel Front End

And if you are into wedding photography and have some cool video ideas implemented which you want to share with your website visitors you can create a short clip (maximum 2 mb) and show it as background video.

Photography Website – Easy skim over your photos

People tend to quickly check photos in blink of an eye and decide if there is a photo that they like and want to spend more time to view in details. That is why it is very important that you provide an easy way to achieve that goal and meanwhile show most of your works in one neat organized way.

We strongly suggest that you use Portfolio post type in conjunction with Portfolio Shortcode with category sorting which serves exact same goal, also spicing it up with some cool effects such as Masonry style in portfolios will do the trick for sure.

Photography Website Portfolio

If you are into more simplistic approach you can use Image Gallery shortcode for this section.

Image Gallery

Tell the story behind each photo

Imagine you are in a a gallery and enjoying different paintings. Which situation will persuade you to buy one of those art works? Simply by checking the art work itself or the combination of art and the story behind the art. Actually we want to go further and say you sell the story behind a photo not the photo itself!

That is why it is essential that you give a short title for each of your photos, a title that will persuade visitor to click and see more details, and there comes your magic short description which tells the story behind and make viewer fall in love with your photo and hire you for his/her wedding photography!

Suggestion for this section is the same with previous one but in one point in mind that you need to use the title and description capability of those Jupiter cool features.

Brief Description

Photography Website – Try to be above the fold

“Fold” phrase history is interesting and it comes back to days that people read newspapers! Can you image there are still people actually need big piece of paper to buy and get news from! Anyway, whenever a company wanted to advertise on newspaper they tried to be right into the sight. As you may know! newspapers are folded and you will need to unfold it to see rest of the content. That is why if an ad is above the fold line it is in sight without the need of unfolding, thus it will be more likely to be seen. In web world being above the fold means the content that is visible right after loading the website without the need for scrolling to see rest of the content.

Try to be above the fold as much as you can. This will guarantee even lazy people (90% of them šŸ˜‰ ) see what they need to see from your website.

Jupiter has a cool feature which will make you always be above the fold. It is not applicable on all photography cases but surely it will be a fantastic weapon in your arsenal to use when you see fit. It is called Edge One Pager.

Edge One Pager

Photography Website – Get Leads

Even if you have best photography website ever, you will not succeed if you fail to persuade visitors to give you some contact information of themselves so that you have some leads to potential customers. Try to embed contact forms in critical sections of your website to get feedback or even newsletters.

Jupiter has Contact Form shortcode and also the ability to integrate with well known Mailchimp newsletter system. So use them wisely!

Contact Form

We know that there are plenty other points which you need to know for having a good photography website, that is why we encourage you to take part in making this article better and richer. So please kindly use the Article Feedback feature and give your suggestions and case scenarios. We will surely include your ideas here if we see it fit.

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