How to download Jupiter V6 files

Updated on May 14, 2019

Where on ThemeForest Jupiter V6 files can be downloaded?

On ThemeForest account you have possibility to download only the theme archive without any additional files like documentation, plugins, etc. As we provide two themes in one package and the main one is Jupiter X, you’ll be able to get Jupiter X once downloading the theme archive file only.

To download the Jupiter V6 theme:

1. Go to ThemeForest and log in to your account.

2. In the upper right corner, hover over your username and click on Downloads.

3. Scroll down to Jupiter X and click on Download All files & documentation.

Note: The downloaded zip file contains the Jupiter V6 and Jupiter X themes, child theme, plugins and the documentation.

If you click on Installable WordPress file only, you’ll get an archive of Jupiter X theme only.

4. Extract the downloaded .zip file into a folder. 

You’ll find the Jupiter V6 archive inside.

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