How to export videos for Page section and Edge slideshow

Updated on July 2, 2018

There are two types of playing a video on your website using Jupiter WordPress Theme. You can either embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo or upload your own video file and use it on a page section background. You can also use these custom videos as a slide in Edge Slideshow.

To create nice looking videos you can either shoot your own videos or get it from stock websites. There are also handful of free video resources. for example, offers a great collection of free video. To edit your videos, there are also a wide range of softwares and tools both for Mac and PC such as:

In order to upload a video file and play it successfully on the web you are required to export your videos with proper file extensions and codecs. These are required formats:

  • .MP4 (Compatibility for Safari and IE9)
  • .WebM (Compatibility for Firefox4, Opera, and Chrome)
  • .OGV (Compatibility for older Firefox and Opera versions)

To export with MP4 Codec

As a rule of thumb you will need your video to be exported as H.264 format. Depending on the software you are using to edit your videos, there are many online/offline tools to export as .MP4. Here are some examples for different platforms and softwares:

  • Adobe Premier (Mac & Windows): Read this Written guide or watch the video below:
  • iMovie (Mac): Read this Written guide
  • Windows Movie Maker (Windows): Read this Written guide or watch the video below:
  • HandBrake: (Mac & Windows) This tiny software also does a great job. Get it here and convert your videos in seconds.
  • online-convert (Online): Using this online tool you upload your videos and you will receive your desired format. You might need a fast internet connection.

To export with WebM and OGV Codec

Unfortunately WebM and OGV are not as popular as MP4 format. So you might need some plugins added to your video editing softwares to be able to export as WebM or OGV. However online conversion tools are a better choice in this case. Here are both offline and online tools you can try:

Some tips on how to export better videos

  1. Try to compress your videos as much as possible. Even though the tools we mentioned above apply some compressions to videos but the final output will be still heavy if your input video is large.
  2. Be very careful about the dimensions. The wider or taller video dimensions means larger file size. A good dimension for web video can be 960×540. You can also check this document for optimal web video dimensions.
  3. Keep your videos short. Lengthy videos are poison. Using a decent video editing software you can easily split your videos and make it short enough while preserving the quality.
  4. Since your videos will be looped through, make sure that they replay smoothly and seamlessly. This can also be done by a video editing software.
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