How to hide an element in specific resolution in Jupiter X?

Updated on May 16, 2019

Is there any way to hide an element in specific resolution in Elementor?

Sometimes we want to hide an element or widget in specific resolution like smaller devices in Elementor.
It can be done in Elementor in three screen sizes: Desktop & LaptopTablet and Mobile.

To Hide an Element in specific resolution in Elementor

1. Choose the element you want to hide in Elementor by clicking on itor select it via Navigator panel.

2. From the Elementor left menu, go to Advanced tab.

3. From the Advanced tab open Responsive menu.

4. In Visibility section, you can hide the element in any screen devices you want.

5. Update the page.

Note: Changes take effect only on the preview or live page and not visible in editing mode in Elementor.

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