How to make a Page Intro

Updated on July 4, 2018

With the introduction of Jupiter version 4.0 there is a new feature called Page Intro. This feature changes the page scroll behavior of first Page Section, adding scroll + animation effects. This feature is useful if you want to have information inside your first Page Section to serve as an introduction for your page. Page Intro supports three different effects:

  1. Zoom Out: click here to see a live demo
  2. Fade: click here to see a live demo
  3. Shuffle: click here to see a live demo

Page Intro Demo

Steps to make a Page Intro

1Add a new page.  

Add a new page for which you want a Page Intro.

2Add a Page Section.  

Add a Page Section with any content that you would like to be in the Page Intro section. Then open up the edit screen of the newly added page section. (Click on the Pencil Icon)

Add a Page Section

3Add a Background (Optional).  

Add a background image into the page section.

Add a background

4Full Screen Height.  

Set the page section to be Full Screen Height.

Full Screen Height

5Set Page Intro.  

Set your desired Page Intro effect. Available options:

  1. Zoom Out
  2. Fade
  3. Shuffle

Set Page Intro

6Save Changes.  

Save changes and close edit screen of page section.

7Enable Override global Settings (Optional).  

Enable Override Global Settings at the bottom of the page under Jupiter Styling Options.

Override global Settings

8Enable Transparent Header (Optional).  

Enable Transparent Header option. Intro effects best works with transparent header style.

Transparent Header

9Remove Page Title (Optional).  

Set Manage Page Elements option under Jupiter Page Options to Remove Page Title.

Remove Page Title

10Enable Page Preloader (Optional).  

Enable Page Preloader option under Jupiter Page Options.

Page Preloader

11Enable Stick Template.  

Enable Stick Template option under Jupiter Page Options.

Stick Template

12Save the Page.  

Save the page and test the result by loading landing page of your website.

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