How to Migrate from Another WordPress Theme

Updated on September 20, 2017

Migrating from other themes to one of Artbees themes can be a technical process and it differs from the source theme which you want to migrate from. We will talk about general things you need to do for this migration.

Migrate Theme 1

Migrating Content

First and most important thing to do is to migrate content of your WordPress installation to new installation. WordPress gives a standard importer functionality to do that. You need to install WordPress Importer plugin and then go to main Dashboard Menu > Tools > Export menu item.

Migrate Theme 2

Choose the All Content option and click on Download Export File button. The whole content of your website will be downloaded to your computer as a single file.

Migrate Theme 3

Then go to your new theme installation and go to Main Dashboard Menu > Tools > Import menu item and Choose WordPress as the import type and click on Upload File and Import button and choose the file you just downloaded to your computer, to import your content in new installation.

Adapting Shortcodes

Migrate Theme 4

After the content import process, the shortcode adaption process starts. You should search for current available shortcodes in your theme and try to find the closest one to previous functionalities and try to implement it with new available tools at hand.

Custom Coding

Migrate Theme 5

Next step will be custom coding of CSS and PHP to make the styling and functionality as same as your previous theme. This process needs you to be a developer. After this adaption you will be able to continue adding content to your website using new functionalities our themes offer that your previous theme did not.

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