How to recover Theme Options

Updated on January 2, 2019

There is a new feature introduced in version 4.0.6+ regarding Theme Options for Jupiter. If you reset Theme Options accidentally you can take steps below to bring back deleted information.

Recover Theme Options

1Go to wp-content/themes/jupiter/functions.php.  

2Find line 104 and change it to: 

define("THEME_OPTIONS", $options["theme_name"] . '_options' . $lang . '_backup');

3Go to Theme Options, Advanced, Export Options and save the code.  

4Go back to functions.php and set back the code to original state. 

define( 'THEME_OPTIONS', $options['theme_name'] . '_options' . $this->lang() );

5Go to Theme Options, Advanced, Import Options and paste the code saved in step 3. 

That should do the trick for you and bring back accidentally deleted options.

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