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With the introduction of Jupiter 4.3, Ken 3.3 and also the new portal, you need to register theme on to be able to Install Templates and use the additional add-ons which will be introduced in the future.

In this article we will give a step by step guide on how to register your theme. This method works for both Jupiter and The Ken.

How to Register Theme

Get the Purchase Code.  

After you buy one of our themes, you can retrieve the purchase code which you will need for registration process. Go to your Themeforest account Download section to get the Purchase Code. For more information please click here.

Sign up on Artbees.  

Go to and sign up. The signup process is straightforward. You just need to provide your Full Name, Email, Purchase Code and create a Password.

Go to Artbees Dashboard.  

After signing up with Artbees, log in and click on your user avatar on the top right section of the site and click on Dashboard.

Register Theme Artbees Dashboard

Go to Artbees Register Product.  

From the menu on the left side, select the Register Product menu item to show the Register Product page.

Register Theme Artbees Register

Add Purchase Code.  

Add the Purchase Code which you obtained in step 1 and click on the Submit button.

Write Down API Key.  

Register Theme Add Purchase Code

If the Purchase Code information is correct, an Artbees API Key will be automatically generated for you. Click on the link marked and write the API Key that appears, as you will need it in steps below.

Note: The generated API Key is not verified at this stage. Follow the steps below to verify it.

Register Theme Add Not Active

Go to Your WordPress Installation.  

Now go to your WordPress Installation in which you have already installed Jupiter or The Ken.

Go to Register Product Menu in WordPress.  

Access the Register Product Page on the WordPress dashboard.

For Jupiter: Go to Main Dashboard Jupiter > Control Panel > Register Product.

For The Ken: Go to Main Dashboard Menu > Register Product.

Registerin the theme - Jupiter control panel menu


Register Theme Dashboard Product The Ken

Add API Key on Register Page.  

You will see an input box section in Register Product page, into which you need to add your API Key which you obtained in step 6. Then click on the Register button.

Register Theme Dashboard Api Key

Registration Success.  

If everything is correct, you will see a message that your API key is verified.

Register Theme Dashboard Register


On this stage you successfully registered your theme with Artbees, and you can double-check that success by going to the Dashboard menu of, and in the Register Product page you should see the Status your API Key as Active. You should also see your installation domain.

Register Theme Artbees Active


In case you get an error while trying to register your theme, we gathered most common cases in this article which we encourage you to read for further information. We listed few points at the end of the article which you most probably will need to share with your hosting service provider so that they can follow up for you.

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