How to set breakpoint for Navigation Menu to become a burger menu

Updated on December 16, 2020

On which point my navigation menu becomes a burger menu?

If you are using Navigation Menu for your website, you can set a breakpoint for it to switch to mobile menu.

By default, it is set to Mobile screen sizes, but you can change it to Tablet or Desktop screen sizes.

To change the breakpoint for Navigation Menu

1. Follow the steps in this article to add a Navigation Menu to your page.

2. A new dashboard on the left will open with the element’s settings. 

3. Go to Content Tab > Settings.

4. Under Mobile > Breakpoint. 

5. Set from which devices your menu becomes a burger menu.

Note: At the moment, the Navigation menu does not follow the Elementor’s breakpoint width. So. if you have changed the Elementor Breakpoint values in Elementor Settings, it will work for all other places except for the Navigation menu. The Navigation Menu Breakpoints are 1024px (for tablet) and 768px (for mobile) only.
An alternative way to adjust the mobile menu breakpoint width manually is to use the bundled plugin Jet Menu instead of Navigation Menu.

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