How to set up Homepage

Updated on July 4, 2018

Setting up the homepage in Jupiter is pretty straight forward. Follow the steps below to add homepage.

Set up Homepage

1Add a New Page.  

Set up Homepage Add a New Page

Go to Main Dashboard Menu > Pages > Add New to add a new page.

2Create the page.  

Create your page using Visual Composer and Jupiter options like any other page.

3Save the Page.  

Save newly created page.

4Set options in settings, reading.  

Set up Homepage Settings Reading

Go to Main Dashboard Menu > Settings > Reading and set options as follows:

  • Set Front Page Displays to A Static Page.
  • Choose the newly added page as Front Page
  • Set the Posts Page option to blank (- select)
5Save Settings.  

Save settings in reading section described in step 4.

That’s all it takes to setup a homepage in Jupiter.

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