How to Troubleshoot a Jupiter X Issue

Updated on July 8, 2019

The basic troubleshooting steps that can be taken when something goes wrong with your Jupiter X theme.

First thing you should do is to create a complete backup of your WordPress site. Backups allow you to restore your WordPress site easily when something goes wrong. They are your first and most important defence against data loss.

 To completely backup your WordPress site, you may use the All-in-One WP Migration plugin.

Check Server Resources

Having the correct server requirements is one of the key factors for the Jupiter X theme to work properly. It is highly recommended to use a server which supports the recommended requirements.

Update the Theme and Plugins

The issue on your website may have been already reported and fixed by our development team, so it is very important to keep the theme and plugins up to date. Jupiter X theme and it’s plugins are under active development therefore this is one of the most important steps to resolving your issue. Before updating, check the release notes.

To learn how to update the theme, check out this article. To learn how to update the plugins, check out this article.

3rd Party Plugins Conflict

Jupiter X theme follows the standard coding practices so it is compatible with most of the plugins. Most of the times errors are caused by a plugin conflicting with each other, the theme, or the WordPress core. Deactivating all WordPress plugins on your site will most likely solve the problem. You can then find out which plugin was causing the issue by activating plugins one by one on your site.

Child Theme Issues

The issue can also be caused by a customization made in your child theme. To check, simply activate the Jupiter X parent theme in Appearance > Themes.

Switch to a Default WordPress Theme

You can check whether it’s the Jupiter X theme causing the issue on your website or not by switching to the default theme.

From the WordPress left menu, go to Appearance > Themes page and then click on the Activate button next to a default theme (Twenty Seventeen, for example).

 By switching the theme, you will not lose any content on your website.

Cache Issues

Both server cache and browser cache can cause some problems viewing your website correctly. It is highly recommended to purge all the server caches and remove browser cache after changing any content or configurations.

 To learn how to clear the cache so you can see the most recent version of your website, check out this article.

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