How To Use Typewriter

Updated on January 27, 2017

Typewriter is a feature in The Ken which makes the text appear like it is printed on typewriter paper. To see a live demo of this feature please click here.

The typewriter feature is an inline text option, so that is why there is no shortcode representing the feature in the Visual Composer or anywhere else in the dashboard. However, this allows for the typewriter feature to be used everywhere you can add text. It can be inside a Text Block or Fancy Title shortcode. The only prerequisite is for it to be on Text Mode of the default WordPress Editor.

Adding Typewriter feature

In this section we will give an example of how to make a fancy title have the typewriter effect. Please take the steps below:


  1. Add a new page.
  2. Use the Visual Composer to add the Fancy Title shortcode.
  3. In the options screen you will see the WordPress Editor. Switch it to Text Mode to see the html code.
  4. Add in the code below.
  5. Save everything and see the result on the front end.

<span data-typer-targets="IPSUM,DOLOR,AMET,CONSECTETU">LOREM</span>

The text inside the span tag is the default text that will appear first. Now you can add your text inside the data-typer-targets attribute. Separate each instance of the typewriter using a comma (“,”).

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