The iDevice Mockup Collection Usage Instructions

Updated on November 3, 2015

The iDevice Mockup Collection is simple enough to be used by a user with basic knowledge in Photoshop and a single experience of working with smart objects. However below we’ve gathered very quick and simple instructions for those of you who need a step-by-step guide or have no experience of working with smart objects:

The iDevice Mockup

  1. Open one of the Mockup files in Photoshop. Let’s take ‘iPadAirIsometric21.psd’ as an example.
  2. In the Layers palette you will see, a layer named ‘screen’. Double-click on it and a new document loads.
  3. Paste your image (photo, image, screenshot, etc.) into this newly loaded document. To preserve the optimum quality (especially if you plan to use the mockups in a printed project), it’s recommended to paste images that are NOT smaller than the canvas (for example an iPad portrait is 1536×2048 and an iPhone landscape is 1136×640). If your image does not fit within the canvas you can rescale it by using Ctrl+T or Command+T.
  4. Save the newly loaded document (Ctrl+S or Command+S) and then close it (Ctrl+W or Command+W). Then go back to the main document (iPadAirIsometric21.psd) which was left open while we worked on the secondary document.
  5. Done! You will see your pasted image located within the mockup container.

If you require more explanation or are stuck on a particular step before the magic happens, just open a ticket explaining the problem, and we will do our best to help you out Enjoy using the iDevice Mockup Collection and thanks for choosing The Ken.

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