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The Ken allows you to import or export all Theme Settings, or the settings that make your website. It is always recommended to have a backup of your theme settings as things may go wrong in the future, who knows! This option is also handy when you want to move your website to another server or domain.
In this article we’ll describe how to import and export the theme settings.

To access the Import / Export settings, from WordPress top bar, go to Theme Settings > Import / Export

import / export settings

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Export Options

Go to Theme Settings > Import / Export > Export Options
Note: There are three ways to export theme settings. You either can click on the Copy Data button and copy raw data for future use in importing, use the Download Data File button to download a data file onto your computer for future use, or you can use the Copy an Export URL button which will give you the URL of the export generated file.

import / export settings

Copy the code and paste it into a text file.
Save the file.

Import Options

In your new installation you’ll need to paste the saved content in Theme Settings > Import / Export > Import Options.
Note: There are two options for importing Theme Settings. The first option is to import from a file that you had previously exported. The other option is to upload an exported file to the web and use the URL option to point to the file that you wish to import options from.

import / export settings

Click on the Import button.

And you’re done. The Theme Settings are imported.

Beware! Beware! This will overwrite all existing option values, so please proceed with caution!

If you have any questions or difficulties importing/exporting the Theme Settings, you can contact our support help desk.

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