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Since Jupiter doesn’t have the option to import individual template pages, we have prepared this article for customers who are looking to have only specific pages added on your website from different templates. This process requires a usage of staging or test website. To learn how to setup your WordPress development environment, check out this article.

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Exporting the Pages

In your test website, install a template which has the page you want. To learn how to install a template, check out this article.
From the WordPress left menu, go to Users > Add New and create a temporary admin user.

From the WordPress left menu, go to Pages and click on a page which you wish to export.

Click on Screen Options on the top right and enable Author.

Scroll down to Author section and assign the temporary admin account as an author.

Note: Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 for all the pages you wish to export.
From the WordPress left menu, go to Tools > Export.

Choose the Pages to export and only export the pages of the temporary admin author.

Note: You will now have a XML file downloaded on your computer, which will be used in the importing process.

Importing the Pages

In your new website, from WordPress left menu, go to Tools > Import.

Click on Run Importer below WordPress.

Click on Choose File and select XML files exported from the previous section.

Select a new author of the page and click on Upload file and import.
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