Including/Excluding pages from displaying the Title Bar

Updated on May 14, 2019

How Exceptions works for the Title Bar in Jupiter X?

In Jupiter X, you can add or remove the Title Bar from your entire website. But you may want to add an exception for some of the website pages such as ArchivePortfolio or Search pages. In other words you can have a global customization for Title Bar in your entire website but change its customization for some of pages by adding an exception to the global settings.

Let me show how you can add an exception to the Title Bar settings:

1. From the WordPress left menu, go to Jupiter X > Customize

2. Click on the Title Bar option.

3. Here you can customize the Title Bar globally for your entire website:

4. To add an exception for your settings click on the Add New Exception button. Then choose the Page or Post Type which you want to add an exception to. For example Archive page.

5. Customize the new settings for the Archive page, you can add more exceptions for the other page.

6. Close the options panel and Publish the settings.

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