Incomplete List of Post Types in Shortcode Options

Updated on January 3, 2019

There are cases in which we need to select a specific post in a shortcode from a list of posts we have added previously in a custom post type, for example Employees.

Incomplete List of Post Types

Due to technical reasons, we limited the listing of posts inside shortcodes to 30, and if you have more posts you will not see some of them in the shortcode listing.

Incomplete List of post types

To override such behaviors, you need to open up this PHP file via your FTP client:


Then change the code of the post listing number you want to increase. For example, to increase the Employees limitation, you need to do the following :

1Open wp-content/themes/jupiter/components/shortcodes/mk_employees/vc_map.php
2Find below lines:

"type" => "multiselect",
"heading" => __("Select specific Employees", "mk_framework") ,
"param_name" => "employees",
"value" => '',
"options" => mk_get_post_enteries('employees', 40),
"description" => __("", "mk_framework")
) ,

3Change the number 40 to whatever you wish:

mk_get_post_enteries('employees', 60)

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