Installing Plugins

Updated on January 22, 2019

The next step after installing and registering The Ken WordPress theme, is installing plugins and the most important plugin, WPBakery Page Builder.

In this article, we’ll explain how to install the WPBakery Page Builder plugin within The Ken theme.

Before Installation

  • Check the Release Notes page.
  • Install the plugins in a test/staging environment to test plugins with your theme.
  • Backup your website.
  • Deactivate caching plugins temporarily.
  • Check online if there are known plugin conflicts for that particular plugin.

Installing Plugins

Ken theme requires the WPBakery Page Builder plugin. The rest are optional and you may install them based on your website requirements.

Plugin Description Type

WPBakery Visual Composer (Modified Version) A drag and drop page builder Required
Envato WordPress Toolkit Manage: install, upgrade, & backups during upgrade Recommended

To install a plugin manually:

1From the WordPress left menu, go to Appearance > Install Plugins.

installing plugins

2Click on Install button below WPBakery Page Builder.

3After the successful installation, from the WordPress left menu, go to Plugins > Installed Plugins.

installing plugins

4Click on the Activate button below WPBakery Page Builder.

To install a plugin automatically:

1From the WordPress left menu, go to the Ken Control Panel > Required Plugins.

2Click on Activate button to install and activate WPBakery Page Builder plugin.

You’ll get a message of the successful installation:

3rd Party Plugins Installation

It is highly recommended use a test/staging environment to test 3rd party plugins with your customizations and see how your website is affected, before installing the plugin on your live website.

1From WordPress left menu, go to Plugins > Add new.

Installing plugins and add-ons - plugins menu

2Search for a plugin by typing into Search Plugins input field.

Installing plugins and add-ons - search

3On the plugin you wish to install, click Install Now.

Installing plugins and add-ons - install

4After the plugin is done installing, click on Activate.

Installing plugins and add-ons - activate

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