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Templates make your life easier by quickly styling the colors, layouts, and design of your site from the start. In this article we’ll provide step-by-step instructions for installing templates in The Ken theme.

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Registering the Theme

To install templates for The Ken theme you’ll first need to register the theme with Artbees Themes. For more information on how to register your theme with Artbees please click here.

Downloading Templates

Follow the steps below to download the templates:

Register the theme with your Artbees API key.

For more information on registering the theme with your Artbees API key click here.

Go to the Templates Menu in Artbees. 

Go to this link or click on the Templates menu on the Artbees Themes site once you are signed in and select The Ken.

installing templates

Select a desired template from the list.

You will see the list of templates available to you. Select the one you want and click on the Launch button.

installing templates

Download the template.

Click on the Download button to get the zip file of the template which you will use later in your WordPress installation. If for any reason the downloaded file is not a zip file, you need to create a zip file from it.

Note: To download The Ken Default Template, click here.

Installing Templates

Now that you have the template the zip file at hand, you can add it to the WordPress installation where you’ve already installed The Ken theme. The steps you’ll need to take to add the template are as follows:

Beware! Please consider that if your theme is not registered with Artbees, this section will fail. You need to be registered.
From the WordPress left Dashboard, go to Ken > Install Templates.

If your theme is registered with an Artbees API key, you will see the template installation page.

Upload the template ZIP file.

Use the Choose File button or simply drag and drop the previously downloaded zip file.

Complete the upload process.

Wait unill the upload process is complete.

Click on the Activate button.

After the upload process has finished, the template will be listed at the bottom of the same page. Click on the Activate button to add the template to your installation. To ensure a complete working version of the template, make sure that you have checked all three options: Contents, Widgets, and Settings.

Beware! Beware! Installing templates will overwrite all other settings that you previously had in place on your theme. That is why we strongly recommend that you install a template on a fresh installation of our theme.

The template is installed. You can check the frontend of your website to see the newly installed template. Now you have a boilerplate to customize to your liking.

Note: Some of the templates (Tinia, Carpo, Thebe, Hera, etc.), have sliders that are built with the Layer Slider plugin. To use these sliders, you’ll need to have the plugin installed, and import the demos. To get access to the demo sliders, you’ll need to open a ticket in our help desk.

If you face any errors while following the steps above, please refer to this troubleshooting article.

If you have any questions regarding the templates installation in The Ken theme, please open a ticket and our support staff will help you.

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