Is Jupiter X a separate theme from Artbees or a big update for Jupiter 6?

Updated on April 28, 2020

It has been five years since Jupiter’s initial release. With every major release, we pushed Jupiter’s power even further. For instance, Jupiter V6 with the introduction of Shop Customizer has been praised by many of our customers. Nine months ago, we sat down to ideate about the future of Jupiter. We did some major strategic decisions that will shape the future of Jupiter, and eventually, Jupiter X was born with a lot of features such as its new page builder, Elementor.

Note: Jupiter X doesn’t require Elementor Pro version as it has many additional features and some built-in premium plugins which help creating a website.

So, although Jupiter X is a big update for Jupiter, but because of lots of changes on the codebase and structure, we decided to make it a separate theme and provide it in the same Jupiter package on Themeforest. This way you won’t need to buy a separated license for Jupiter X and still you can benefit from the Jupiter legacy version as well.

What changes were made to Jupiter X and how it differs from Jupiter V6, you can find in this article.

We provide Jupiter 6 to Jupiter X migration service under Content Management service in WPDone.

Updating from Jupiter V6 to Jupiter X

As for the update process, you have to upload Jupiter X to your website as a new theme. Read this article to find how to install it. It’s required because Jupiter X has different functionality and features like new page builder.

Note: We will release constant updates and support Jupiter V6 as we do for Jupiter X. You can continue using Jupiter V6 for years.

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