JetSmartFilters plugin overview

Updated on June 3, 2020

JetSmartFilters is a plugin that adds easy-to-use AJAX filters to the pages built with Elementor which contain the dynamic listings.

There are several types of filters:

  • Checkboxes list;
  • Select
  • Range
  • Check Range
  • Date Range
  • Radio
  • Search

Each filter can be applied to the products or posts listing in order to get the results the visitor needs the most.

JetSmartFilters plugin provides 7 different widgets for applying filters. Every widget has extensive style and easy-to-use content settings.

Note: In order to use JetSmartFilters you would also need JetEngine or JetWooBuilder plugins to showcase the product or post listings.

The plugin details:

Author – ZEMEZ
Official site – JetSmartFilters site
Official documentation – JetSmartFilters documentation

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