Jupiter Control Panel

Updated on February 1, 2018

The Jupiter Control Panel is the main section to set registration and setup options in Jupiter. This section is different from Theme Options which is to fine tune the theme itself in the front end. To access the Jupiter Control Panel, from WordPress left menu, go to Jupiter > Control Panel. The options are broken down below.


Register Product

This section is for registering Jupiter theme to be able to install one of the Jupiter templates (Demo Content) and have extra goodies which will be added in the future.


The registration process is straightforward. Simply obtain an API Key from Artbees website using the Envato Purchase Key, and add that API Key to this section then click on Register button. For more detailed information about product registration click here.


This section gives you detailed information and links to help you use Artbees Support. This allows you to ask your questions in the Artbees Support System or share your experience in the Artbees Community Forum. Also there is information on how to access our online documentation and FAQ.


Here is the main section to upload your desired template for Jupiter. To download a template from Artbees Template Website you need to be registered. After uploading the template file you will see the template listed in this section and you can install that for your fresh WordPress/Jupiter installation. For more information on how to install a Jupiter Template (Demo Content) click here. If you did not register your Jupiter installation you will not be able to upload a template.

Image Sizes


This section is for adding custom Image Sizes for different parts of your website. You can add as many sizes as you like and going forward, use them in different shortcodes. Whenever you want to use this sizing, you need to find the Image Size option in the shortcode. One of the select items of that option will be the size you set here. You will need to click on the Add New Size button and fill the information below:

1Image Width.  

Use this option to add the custom image width you will use for your shortcode.

2Image Height.  

Use this option to add the custom image height you will use for your shortcode.

3Size Name.  

Use this option to add a unique name for this sizing. This name will show in one of the choices of Image Size options in the shortcode that you want to have this size in.

4Hard Crop? 

Enable this option if you want to hard crop the image, using the exact width/height pair you provided in previous options. If you disable this option, it will stay proportional depending on the browser window size.

After adding the proper options you need to click on the Save Settings button to get this job done.

System Status

This section gives detailed information about your current installation environment ranging from Server related details to PHP and WordPress information. This is a critical part if you encounter any problem with the theme usage and you want to troubleshoot. The information given in this section is crucial for our support staff if you want to get help from them. You will need to click on the Get System Report button and copy the information to Environmental Details section if you want to create a new support ticket in our support system.

Icon Library

This section provides a complete list of icons you can use throughout the theme and different shortcodes. You can search to find your desired icon.

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