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Updated on May 21, 2023

Jupiter X theme is 100% GPL. Licensing completely under the GPL (or otherwise) is an agreement between the author and the buyer saying what rights the buyer will be getting. In the case of the 100% GPL that includes many rights, such as the right to redistribute or resell. Also, the lite version of the theme is free and everyone can use it on any website and third-party product. However, the Pro version has some premium features that are not GPL. A set of premium features are gathered into a new package named Jupiter X Pro and will extend the functionality and flexibility of the theme. These features will be available as soon as you download and activate the Jupiter X Pro theme. In this article, we will take a walk through the benefits of using the Pro version of the theme and will have a look at how to upgrade to Pro version. 


Let’s distinguish between the Jupiter X Lite and Jupiter X Pro licenses first. The Jupiter X Lite theme package is 100% GPL and free as mentioned. From now on, we will talk about Jupiter X Pro license which is not GPL. Artbees is selling its product licenses through Envato market, so the Jupiter X Pro license follows the Standard licenses of Envato. When we say Jupiter X Pro version, we mean Jupiter X Pro theme with an activate license. Users who already had Jupiter X purchase code, require to only activate the Jupiter x Pro Theme in one of the updates. It requires no extra charge for users who already have a purchase code for Jupiter X. If you still have questions about GPL license, please follow up this thread in Envato forums.

What is included

The Jupiter X Lite theme package is available for download through Artbees Themes Website and Jupiter X Pro package is available from the ThemeForest.net. Everyone can install the theme through the appearance section of the WordPress admin area. This Lite package contains the free features that are part of the theme such as:
  • Jupiter X framework 
  • Assets compiler (JS and Less) and a full set of Jupiter X APIs
  • Customizer 
  • Free bundled plugins including Elementor Page builder
  • free template(s)
  • Jupiter X Core plugin

While using the Jupiter X theme, you will see some badges and icons and areas that require the Jupiter X Pro package to be installed and activated. They are the premium features that will unlock when you provide a license for Pro Package. 

In the next section, we will see what sections require Jupiter X Pro version. 

Premium features

By upgrading to Jupiter X Pro, you will unlock these features in the Customizer and Control Panel:

  • Shop Customizer including Styling the product lists, Product page layouts and styles, checkout and cart par customizer. 
  • Adobe fonts (former Typekit) in the Customizer settings
  • Custom Header and Footer 
  • Blog single layouts and styles. 
  • Features like Social Sharing, Post navigation, Author Box styling, Related Post box customizations in the Customizer for Blog posts and Portfolios
  • Premium Plugins for download (bundled and free of charge)
  • Premium Templates (free of any extra charge)
  • Tracking code (such as Google Tag Manager or any other tracking code)
  • Raven plugin with a lot of features such as Form Builder (compatible with MailChimp, HubSpot, slack and having unlimited possibilities) and Posts element. 


By upgrading to Jupiter X Pro, you will benefit from:

  • All premium templates (currently +)
  • All Block templates
  • 6 month of premium support
  • Premium plugins including Raven, Jet Plugins, Layer Slider, Revolution Slider, Master Slider and Advanced Custom Fields Pro
  • Premium features mentioned in the previous section

How to upgrade

It’s easy to upgrade to the Pro version. The only thing required here is to have a valid license from the Envato market related to Jupiter – Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme (5177775). You can find a complete tutorial on how to upgrade to Pro version here

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