Jupiter X widgets

Updated on May 21, 2023

Jupiter X includes a range of custom-developed widgets for Elementor, which provide new functional elements and features. Currently, there are approximately 75 exclusive elements available in Jupiter X, spanning a variety of categories. These widgets can help you enhance your website’s functionality and design, allowing you to create a more engaging user experience for your visitors.

The exclusive Jupiter X widgets and effects are:

Also, it will add the Custom Header and Footer template features to your Elementor (basic edition). So by enabling Jupiter X plugin, you won’t need to provide an Elementor Pro license to use Custom Header and Footer templates. 

Since Jupiter X 1.21.0, the Raven plugin is merged with the Jupiter X Core plugin. So, all the features are available without installing the Raven plugin. By using the Jupiter X Core plugin, you will have all the Raven features. The documents related to the Raven plugin will be updated accordingly. Release Notes
If your Jupiter X version is greater than 1.21, please deactivate and remove Raven plugin from your website.

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