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The Ken provides a convenient method to customize different characteristics of a page right inside the page editing screen in dashboard. On each page edit screen there is a meta box called Ken Page Options which you can use to tweak things on the page. In this article we are going to describe those options in detail.

Ken Page Options 1

Ken Page Options

Page Elements.  

Use this option to hide different parts of the page. Available options are:

  1. Remove Header
  2. Remove Page Title
  3. Remove Header & Page Title
  4. Remove Page Title & Footer
  5. Remove Page Title & Sub Footer
  6. Remove Page Title & Footer & Sub Footer
  7. Remove Footer
  8. Remove Sub Footer
  9. Remove Footer & Sub Footer
  10. Remove Footer & Page Title
  11. Remove Footer & Sub Footer & Page Title
  12. Remove Header & Footer & Sub Footer
  13. Remove Header & Page Title & Footer
  14. Remove Header & Page Title & Footer & Sub Footer
Stick Template? 

Enable this option if you want no padding space below the header section and above the footer section. Enable this option if you want to add a slideshow at the top of the page to make the slideshow and  the rest of the content stick together nicely.

Header Toolbar.  

Enable this option if you want to have a Header Toolbar area for this page. To add information inside the Header Toolbar area you need to go to Theme Settings ­> Header.


Enable this option if you want to have breadcrumb in this page. Breadcrumb is useful for SEO purposes and helps your site visitors to know where exactly they are relative to your sitemap from the homepage, so it’s also good for UX.

Page Preloader.  

Enable this option to have a preloader for this page before complete loading of code. This option will add a layer on the screen and will show the progress of loading. As soon as the load finishes, it goes away and reveals the page. Use this option if you have lots of images, slideshows and content.

Header Style.  

Use this option to set how you want the header section styled in the page. Available options are:

  1. Block Module: This option will show the header section as a separate block and the rest of the content including slideshows will show after the header section. Click here to see a demo.
  2. Transparent Header: This option will show content including slideshows behind the main menu section. Click here to see a demo

Ken Page Options 2

Transparent Header Style.  

If you choose Transparent Header Style, you need to select default skin variation for it. This option should be chosen having content behind the main menu section in mind. By selecting the correct option here you will prevent having light menu items on light background or vice versa. Available options are:

  1. Light
  2. Dark
Main Navigation Location.  

Use this option to set one of the main navigation locations as the default main menu for this page. To add menus to one of 7 locations available, you need to go to Main Dashboard Menu -> Appearance -> Menus. For more information please click here (it’s for Jupiter theme, but also can be applied for Ken). Available options are:

  1. Primary Navigation
  2. Second Navigation
  3. Third Navigation
  4. Fourth Navigation
  5. Fifth Navigation
  6. Sixth Navigation
  7. Seventh Navigation
Quick Contact .  

Enable this option to have an icon at the lower right section of the front end which will show a quick contact form upon clicking. Detailed settings for the quick contact form can be found in Theme Settings -> General Settings. Available options are:

  1. Override from Theme Settings
  2. Enabled
  3. Disabled
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