How to add a blank landing page in Jupiter

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Having blank single landing page is an essential feature that every theme should provide so customers can use it for different campaigns and business advertisements. Jupiter provides a neat way to create them. Here we are going to add a sample page with a contact form.

Landing Page

Create a page from dashboard by going to Pages menu item and clicking on Add New button. 

Set Jupiter Page Options as follows: 

Landing Page Jupiter Page Options 1

Jupiter Page Options 2

Jupiter Page Options 3

Set Jupiter Styling Options as follows: 

Jupiter Styling Options 1

Jupiter Styling Options 2

Jupiter Styling Options 3

Jupiter Styling Options 4

Add a Page Section Shortcode then using its options add a background image to the page and set Page Option to be Full Width and Height: 

Page Section 1

Page Section 2


Page Section 4

Page Section 5

Page Section 6

Page Section 7

Page Section 8

Page Section 9

Add contact form to have your campaign ready for your page: 

Contact Form 1

Contact Form 2

Contact Form 3

Contact Form 4

Now you have a blank page with a form, for your campaign. This can be a boilerplate for your future pages, you can use different kind of shortcodes there as you wish.

Landing Page Front End

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