Licenses for Bundled Plugins

Updated on December 21, 2017

In this article, we will talk about the licenses for bundled plugins. Jupiter theme comes bundled with several premium plugins which provide additional functionality and features beyond typical WordPress installation. These plugins are:

  • Visual Composer (Modified Version)
  • Slider Revolution
  • Layer Slider
  • Master Slider

Things to Consider

Following are some points to consider while using bundled plugins.

1You don’t need to buy a separate license for the basic use of these plugins.  
2Support will be provided by Artbees as a part of the Jupiter theme.
3Updates are managed by Artbees team and would be available in Control Panel when a new version of the theme is released. The update can also be available independent of the theme update.
4Ignore the update notification from the original author until it’s released by Artbees team. You can check release notes.
5Ignore the license activation notifications from the original authors.
6You will be able to use all the features of the plugins except the premium features. For the premium features, you will have to buy a separate license.

Features Not Available

There are some features that require a license:

1You won’t get access to prebuilt templates developed by the original authors.
2Automatic updates from the original authors.
3You won’t get access to the premium add-ons and free add-ons that require a license.
4You won’t get access to the premium support from the original Author.

Activating the License

You are free to activate the license of your bundled plugin. You just need to buy a license from the CodeCanyon or author’s website and insert the purchase code. After that, you will be able to use premium support, templates, libraries, add-ons provided by the respective plugin authors.

Below are some cases when you want to activate the standalone license for your bundled plugins.

1When you want to use a pre-built template provided by the original authors.
2When you need to use some premium features that require a license.
3You already own a license of the plugin.
4You need premium support from original author for those plugins.
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