Modify the sub footer text in Jupiter X

Updated on June 16, 2020

Jupiter X theme lets you use a default customizer footer or create a new custom footer from scratch using Elementor. To find out the differences between default footer and custom footer in Jupiter X, you can refer to this article

If you’re using the default footer for your website, you can add a sub footer to it. That enables you to have a copyright text and also a menu for your website.

Note: Parent Jupiter X must be installed first before installing the child theme.

Note: Before modifying the Jupiter X child theme, make sure you’ve activated JupiterX Child from WordPress left menu > Appearance > Themes

Modifying The Sub Footer Text in Jupiter X

Changing sub footer text can be done via the Jupiter X child theme. 
Jupiter X’s child theme inherits all features, functionality, and styling from the main Jupiter X theme, which is called the parent theme. Please check out this article to learn more about installing the Jupiter X child theme.

To change the copyright text in sub footer with Jupiter X child theme

1. Use an FTP clients (like Transmit or FileZilla) to access your host web server:

2. Navigate to /wp-content/themes/jupiterx-child

3. Open functions.php with a text editor (like SublimeText or Notepad++)

4. Add the following snippets at the end of the functions.php file:

jupiterx_add_smart_action('jupiterx_subfooter_credit_text_output', 'jupiterx_child_modify_subfooter_credit');

function jupiterx_child_modify_subfooter_credit() { ?>
<!--Your HTML content must be added here->
<?php }

You can add your desired html content inside the callback function to display it as a copyright text in sub footer. For example to replace the default text with this content:

 Jupiter X Child theme for WordPress 

which include two anchor links, all you need to do is add its HTML code to the callback function:

function jupiterx_child_modify_subfooter_credit() { ?>

<a href="https//" target="_blank">Jupiter X Child</a> theme for <a href="" target="_blank">WordPress</a>

<?php }

So at the end, your functions.php should be something like this:

5. Save the functions.php file or upload it in jupiterx-child folder.

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