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Each page is made by these parts:

With Jupiter X, you have full control over your page layout and settings. Before we go through the options, you should know that the pages in WordPress are in two main categories:

  1. WordPress default pages (such as WooCommerce shop, portfolio archive, blog single, and archive pages)
  2. Custom pages you create and you can use Page Builders to design their layout.

All of the WordPress default pages, have their own options in Jupiter X customizer. You can set fonts, colors and backgrounds, margins, paddings, Displaying items, Alignments and anything else you need to customize on those pages. Also, some options like “Title Bar Full Width” can be set through the customizer and effect all of the pages, whether it’s a custom created page or a default page. In this article we will go through the things you can customize globally on your pages and in another article, we will explain how to override them in individual pages.

Note: The options that we are going to talk about does not necessarily need any page builder such as Elementor. You are free to choose a page builder or not, but it doesn’t mean these options will be different on usage while using a page builder.

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Choosing header layout

You can choose between a predefined header and create your own header layout. You can also choose different headers on different pages. For more information, please check this article.  You can also choose to have no header by settings its displaying elements to none. However, in case you had a full-width page without sidebar, it’s recommended to only choose the page template “Full Width” from the page attributes.




You can also set your header to be fixed (to the top or bottom of the page) or sticky and style your predefine header in the styles tab.


Page Title Bar

Page title bar area can show these content to your users:

  • Page Title
  • Page Subtitle
  • BreadCrumbs

In case you want to show any of them on your page, you should enable them through the Page Title Bar from the Customizer.



If none of them was selected, you will have no page title bar area at your page.

You can make that area full with or have a different HTML tag. Also, you can choose to have different options for different pages such as Portfolio, Search or Shop pages.



In the Styles tab, you can change the look, alignment, margins, paddings and anything else regarding those content.


Page Content

This part depends on the type of the page you are trying to design. If you are designing a custom page from WordPress > Pages, it is recommended to use a page builder such as Elementor. Otherwise, your page content by default will be one of these:


Single Blog posts (you can set options from Customizer > Blog > Blog Single)



Blog archive posts such as blog category or tag archive or author posts (You can set options from Customizer > Blog > Blog Archive)



Portfolio single posts (You can set options from Customizer > Portfolio > Portfolio Single)



Shop archive and single pages (recommend to check the Shop Customizer articles here)


Search page (You can set options from Customizer > Pages > Search)



404 Page (You can create a page and assign it as your 404 page from Customizer > Pages > 404)



Maintenance Page (You can create a page and assign it as your maintenance page and turn the maintenance mode on from Customizer > Pages > Maintenance)



It’s good to mention that each page has its own options to override the global settings mentioned here. For more information, you may check this article.

One of the most important things about page layout is the sidebar. In Jupiter X, you can have sidebars in the left, right or both sides, and also choose to have different content inside them. For more information, please check out this article.

Like headers, you can choose between predefined footer or create your own Footer template using Elementor.  Also, you can style the widgets as you like in the footer or sidebar. For more information, please check this article.


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