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Updated on November 23, 2017

Theme Settings is the main section of The Ken where you can change the global settings for your website. In this article we will describe the options available under the Portfolio section of Theme Settings.

To access the portfolio settings, from WordPress top bar, go to Theme Settings > Portfolio

portfolio settings

Portfolio Settings

1Page Title: Portfolio Posts

Use this option to enable the page title section for single portfolio posts. If you disable this section, the whole page title area will not show, including the title itself and the breadcrumbs area.

2Portfolio Slug

Portfolio Slug is the text that is displayed in the URL (e.g. www.domain.com/portfolio-posts/morbi-et-diam-massa/). As shown in the example, it is set to “portfolio-posts” by default, but you can change it to anything to suit your preference. However, you should not have the same slug on any page or other page or page otherwise the page will return the 404 error due to the internal conflicts.

3Previous & Next Arrows

Use this option to show/hide the navigation arrows on portfolio single posts.

4Portfolio Single Featured Image

Use this option to show/hide the featured image on portfolio single posts. Featured images can be in gallery or video format if the post type of the portfolio is set to those types.

5Featured Image Hard Cropping

If you want to disable automatic image cropping for a featured image, disable this option. The original image size will be used; however, it will be responsive and fit to the container. This option will affect the single portfolio post featured image. Enabling this option will make use of the BFI_THUMB plugin.

6Featured Image Height

Use this option to set the height of featured image, gallery, or slideshow, depending on the portfolio post type you choose.

7Related Projects

Enable this option if you want to have a section at the very bottom of your portfolio posts which will show related portfolio posts. This option will look into the portfolio category to pick related items.


Enable this option to have comments available in single portfolio posts.

8Portfolio Archive Loop Style number

In general you will use the Portfolio Shortcode to configure the style of the portfolio listing page, but if you access the portfolio listing from the default categories, WordPress will use its default archive system. In such cases you can use this option to set the default portfolio listing style. Available options are:

Name Description

Grid Display the portfolio listing in Grid layout.
Masonry Display the portfolio listing in Mansory layout.
Flip Display the portfolio listing in Flip layout.
Standard Display the portfolio listing in Standard layout.
Scroller Display the portfolio listing in Scroll layout.
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