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Updated on December 21, 2017

Portfolio Theme Options is the main section that allows you to choose the global settings for your Jupiter website projects in WordPress. You can access Theme Options from the top left side of your dashboard.

In this article we will describe the options available under the Portfolio section of Theme Options.

Portfolio Single Post Settings


You can globally manage the portfolio single layout using this option.

There are several options to choose from to style the layout of your single project page:

Name Description

Right Layout Sets the sidebar on the right side.
Left Layout Sets the sidebar on the left side.
Full Layout Sets the full layout without the sidebar.
2Single Featured Image Height

Use this option to adjust the featured image height for single portfolio posts.


Use this option to Enable/Disable portfolio post categories in single portfolio posts.

4Related Portfolio Posts

Use this option to Show/Hide the related posts section in the single portfolio post page. The related posts section is a list of portfolio thumbnails with links to their respective single portfolio pages. The portfolio thumbnails are selected automatically from the same category of the current portfolio post.

5Previous & Next Arrows

Use this option to Enable/Disable the navigation arrows in the single portfolio post page. The navigation arrows give the visitor the option to go to the next or previous portfolio post directly from the single portfolio post page.

6Previous & Next for Same Categories

This option limits the portfolio post navigation to the same categories of the current post.

7Comments on Portfolio Posts

Use this option to Enable/Disable the comments section for the single portfolio posts. This option is for the single portfolio posts only. If you are interested in having a comments section for WordPress Pages you’ll need to go to Theme Options > Global Settings and enable the Comments on Pages option. For more information about that option click here.

8Social Share

Use this option to Enable/Disable the social share section for the Single Portfolio Post pages.

9Portfolio Slug

Portfolio Slug is the text that is displayed in the URL (e.g. www.domain.com/portfolio-posts/morbi-et-diam-massa/). As shown in the example, it is set to ‘portfolio-posts’ by default but you can change it to anything to suit your preference. However, you should not use the same slug on any page or post, otherwise the page will return a 404 error due to internal conflicts.

10Portfolio Category Slug

The Portfolio Category Slug is the text that is displayed in the URL of your portfolio archive page. The default is: portfolio_category

Portfolio Archive Settings

1Archive Layout

Defines the archive loop layout. Available options are:

  1. Left Sidebar
  2. Right Sidebar
  3. Full Layout
2Archive Style

Jupiter has two styles for the portfolio list which is more configurable in the portfolio shortcode. Use these portfolio theme options to set the style for the archive page portfolio thumbnails list. Available options are:

  1. Classic
  2. Grid
3Featured Image Height

Use this option to set the height of the Thumbnail Images on the portfolio archive page.


Use this option to adjust the number of portfolio post columns for the portfolio archive pages.

5Pagination Style

Use this portfolio theme option to set the Pagination Style of the portfolio archive page. Available options are:

  1. Pagination Nav
  2. Load More Button
  3. Load on Page Scroll
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