Post Types in Jupiter X

Updated on September 15, 2020

The portfolio post type is the only post type that is added to your website by activating Jupiter X. 
Unlike the Jupiter theme where we had a bunch of custom post types, we only have one here. It is the same Portfolio post type in Jupiter, but have different meta fields. 

So, it is recommended to update or recreate the portfolio posts as well. 

About the rest of the post types such as Employees, Clients, etc., we no longer have them in Jupiter X because using Elementor, you won’t need to have a post type to create a list of Employees or Clients you just simply add them with the proper elements provided in Elementor, for example, to show clients logos as you had in the Clients post type, you can use Brands element in Elementor.

In case you need to add old post types again, we recommend you to look at our community forums and check other provided solutions there. There are a couple of workarounds that can help you get back your custom post types, however, it is not recommended to use them anymore.

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