Product Media Settings

Updated on January 31, 2023

The video feature on the single product page is introduced in version 2.5. It allows you to show one or multiple videos to showcase your product on your product single page. You must have the video in MP4 format ready and prepared. Follow these steps to implement it on your website.

1 – Make sure Woocommerce is enabled in Jupiter X > Settings > Woocommerce.

Here you can have several other settings like Autoplay, Loop, sound mute, and playing a video on mobile devices instead of opening them in a popup. Please note that these options are global; once you change them, every video you add to your product will be affected.

2 – Add an image to the product edit page or edit the featured image or the image gallery. If you scroll down a little, you will see options for adding a video. Videos can be embedded from different sources or self-hosted. 

3 – Attach the video, choose the aspect ratio, and click Add product image at the end to have a play button on your product image.

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