Raven plugin overview

Updated on September 8, 2021

Since Jupiter X 1.21.0, the Raven plugin is merged with the Jupiter X Core plugin. So, all the features are available without installing the Raven plugin. By using the Jupiter X Core plugin, you will have all the Raven features. The documents related to the Raven plugin will be updated accordingly. Release Notes
If your Jupiter X version is greater than 1.21, please deactivate and remove Raven plugin from your website.

Raven plugin is developed by Artbees team specially for Jupiter X theme and Elementor.

It’s required to activate it so you can use additional elements in Elementor page builder.

There are 22 custom elements added to Raven and all of them are described in the Raven category. Also, it adds the custom header and footer features to Elementor (basic edition). For more information about Raven plugin, please check this article

Plugin details:

Author – Artbees
Official site – artbees.net
Official documentation – Artbees documentation
Support – Support site

Note: Please make sure the plugin server requirements are provided on your web host first. You can check the Jupiter X server requirements here. Also, read this article to understand why you should keep your active plugins at a minimum. 

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