Registering the theme

Updated on July 28, 2019

After getting an API key from the Artbees website, it is time to register Jupiter X from the WordPress admin panel.

Note: Make sure to install  Jupiter X Core plugin at first after theme activation in Appearance > Jupiter X > Plugins.

To register Jupiter X:

1. Log in to your WordPress website admin panel and from the left menu go to Jupiter X control panel.

2. Copy and paste the API key you got into the API field and click on the Activate Product button. After successful registration, you should be able to see the Thank You message.

Common issues:

  • The most frequent issue which is happening while registering the theme is “Your API key could not be verified. There is no such API key” error. In this case, you need to make sure you are NOT adding your Purchase Code instead of the API Key into the registration field. Try to get the API key first and register your theme with it.
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