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The Slider Revolution is one of the most versatile premium WordPress slideshow plugins. For users of the Jupiter WordPress theme, the plugin is bundled with in the theme for free.

In this article, we will explain how to import/create a slideshow and display it with the Revslider shortcode in the Jupiter WordPress theme.

To see the Revslider shortcode in action, check out the demo page.

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Importing/Creating a Slideshow

Note: Make sure the Slider Revolution plugin is installed on your site. To learn more about plugin installation, read the Installing plugins and add-ons article.

Unlike the LayerSlider plugin, the Slider Revolution plugin has a few pre-built slideshows. You can find them in the package you download from ThemeForest. In general, we focus on using the LayerSlider plugin.

Importing a Slideshow

In addition to our pre-built slideshows, there are a lot of free and premium pre-built slideshows for the plugin that are available for download from the Slider Revolution Exchange page.

Note: To download premium pre-built slideshows, you’ll need to buy the plugin separately, since the version we bundle in with our theme cannot activate the premium slideshow.

To import a slideshow:

After downloading a pre-built slideshow from the above mentioned page, go to the WordPress left menu, and then to the Slider Revolution page.

Revslider shortcode - slider revolution menu

Click on the Import Slider box, select the downloaded slideshow from your computer, and click on Import Slider. In this example, we are using the Brixton Landing Page slideshow.

Revslider shortcode - import slider

Revslider shortcode - import slider

Depending on the slideshow size, it may take up to a couple of minutes to be imported. After successfully importing, the slideshow will appear on the page.

Revslider shortcode - slider imported

Follow the next section to display the slideshow on a page.

Creating a Slideshow

This plugin is very powerful and allows you to create almost all kinds of slideshows. To learn about creating a slideshow, read the official documentation of the plugin.

Displaying the Slideshow

After creating/importing a slideshow, you can display it on a page via the Revslider shortcode.

To add the shortcode:

Add a new page or edit an existing page.
From the Visual Composer screen, click on the + button.

Revslider shortcode - add element

In the Add Element pop-up screen, search for Revolution Slider and click on it to be added to the page.

Revslider shortcode - search shortcode

When the shortcode is added, a new pop-up screen called Revslider Settings will open. From then Select Slideshow setting, select your slideshow.

Revslider shortcode - select slideshow

Click on the Save Changes button and publish/update the page to check the result.

Adding an Extra Class Name

The Extra Class Name field in the settings pop-up allows you to add an extra class name to the shortcode. It’s useful when you need to target the shortcode in a stylesheet or JavaScript file.

You can read the Adding a custom CSS class to a shortcode article for further explanation.

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