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Jupiter X is having the proper usage of Semantic HTML5 elements and Schema Markups to present different content types and make it easier for the bots to understand each pages content. However, since websites SEO highly depends on its content, here are some tips on how to get the most of SEO with Jupiter X:

Technical Considerations

  • Try to get the best performance score and rate in GTMetrix and Pingdom with the help of caching plugins and server configurations.
  • Try to use the robots.txt File to avoid unusable directories and pages such as your custom post single pages which should not be seen.
  • Use YOAST SEO plugin to generate a sitemap and add the proper directives to your pages for social networks.
  • Use Breadcrumbs on your pages to let the bots easily understand the structure of your pages.
  • Avoid Ajax contents as much as possible since they barely get indexed by the bots. By Ajax content, we mean the contents which will be added to the page after the page loads with the help of JavaScript.

Content Considerations

  • Get the most use of text formatting in your content. Style the contents to have Paragraphs, H1, H2 and… . Jupiter X has a set of options in the Customizer to set the proper tags. Also, you can apply them using Elementor too. Some more info can be found here.
  • Always use captions for images. Do not forget to provide an Alt attribute for each of them.
  • Use of optimized images. By default, Jupiter X optimize images, but it’s also good to consider¬†optimizing them before upload.
  • Use the pretty format of the URLs on your website. Try to provide the best slug for each post and page. Check this out for more information.
  • Provide some tags and keywords for each post.
  • Use social network sharing buttons and also provide the best look for sharing on the social networks using YOAST plugin.

There are dozens of recommendations and tips to get the best SEO result for any website, overall, the tips and tricks are the same for Jupiter X theme as well. Since here in Artbees we always update our product with the most recent SEO tips, you may need to mostly focus on the content optimization and the mentioned technical SEO tips. Remember that getting advise from SEO experts is always recommended.

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