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Updated on January 3, 2019

Theme Options is the main section of Jupiter, where you can change your global settings for your website. You can access Theme Options from Jupiter > Theme Options.

In this article we’ll describe the options available under the Shop section of Theme Options. Woocommerce is one of the popular shopping cart plugins and Jupiter has options to fine tune pages related to it.

Shop Archive Settings

There is a section where you can style shop archive pages, to do this go to Theme Options > Shop > General. The settings you can find there are:

1Shop Loop Columns

This setting allows you to select number of products column for shop page. Available options are:

  • Default (4 columns full layout, 3 columns with sidebar)
  • 1 column
  • 2 columns
  • 3 columns
  • 4 columns
2Shop Catalog Mode

Use this option to disable the add to cart functionality of WooCommerce and use this plugin just as a catalog to only display your products.

3Product Category Loop Image Size

You can decide whether you want to have the theme crop and resize your thumbnail product images in the products listing page or if you want the original image size shown in the website. Available options are:

  • Resize and Crop (Not Recommended)
  • Default – Original Size
  • Default – Large Size
  • Default – Medium Size
  • Custom Options listed depending the selection described (Recommended)

Use this option to set the image size for the thumbnails of the products. We suggest that you go to Jupiter > Control Panel > Image Sizes and add your custom width/height size for the shortcode. Then come back to this option and you will see the same option you just created here which you can select. In Jupiter V5 the WooCommerce single product image size is being managed from the location shown below. If you see quality loss in the image, simply go to the WooCommerce settings and change the size to 550×550 pixels. The Suggested Minimum required size is 500 pixels and if you want to avoid cropping the image, leave the height option blank and uncheck the crop checkbox from Woocommerce > Settings > Products > Display.

4Product Category Archive Loop Title

Use this option to change the product category archive page title. This title will be the same for all categories. You do not have options in Jupiter to have the specific category name added into the page title area.

5Use Product Name as Page Title

Use this option if you want to display product name as page title in single product page.

6Use Product Category/Tag Name as Page Title

Enable the option if you want to display product category/tag name as page title on product category/tag page.

7Use Product Category/Tag Name as Product Filter Title

Use this option to display product category/tag as filter label for products on product category/tag page.

8Show Shopping Cart

Use this option to enable or disable the shopping cart icon in the header section of the theme.

9Shopping Cart on Mobile Phone

Use this option to enable or disable the floating shopping cart link for small devices. The visibility is determined based on main navigation threshold width value.

Product Loop

1Product Loop Image Size

The settings are the same as for the option Product Category Loop Image Size described above. You can refer to it to read description of Product Loop Image Size option.

2Product Loop Image Height

Use this option to set the height of thumbnail product images in product listing pages. Default value is 330 pixels.

3Excerpt For Product Loop

Enable this option if you would like to show the small description for products loop.

E-Commerce Single Product Page Settings

1Woocommerce Single Product Layout

Use this option to choose the layout of single product pages. Available options are:

  • Full Layout
  • Left Sidebar
  • Right Sidebar
2Previous & Next Arrows

If you want to show product posts navigation in single product pages, you need enable this option. It guides a visitor to go through previous and next products.

3Show Previous & Next for Same Categories

Use this option to limit the product posts navigation to same categories of current product.

4Single Product Page Title

Use this option to enable or disable the page title area of single product pages. Page title area includes page title and breadcrumbs.

5Social Share

Use this option to enable or disable the social media functionality for single product pages of WooCommerce.

If you have any sort of problem or questions regarding Woocommerce integration with Jupiter, open up a support ticket in our support desk.

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