Side Dashboard Settings

Updated on November 22, 2017

Theme Settings is the main section of The Ken where you can change the global settings of your website. In this article, we will describe the options available under the Side Dashboard section of Theme Settings.

To access the side dashboard settings, from WordPress top bar, go to Theme Settings > Side Dashboard

side dashboard settings

Side dashboard is a dashboard that can be seen on the frontend when enabled. It opens after clicking the burger icon or any icon you choose. The elements to the side dashboard can be added in the Side Dashboard sidebar in Appearance > Widgets.

Side Dashboard

This option is used to enable or disable the side dashboard on the frontend. If this option is enabled, you will see another set of options defined below.

Side Dashboard Icon Class Name This option will give you the ability to add any icon you want to use for the side dashboard trigger icon. The icons can be found under Ken -> Icon Library. Copy and paste the desired icon class name from the library into this option.
Side Dashboard Background Color This option adds a background color to the side dashboard. You can also choose the dashboard background to be transparent.
Dashboard Widget Title This option configures the color of the widget titles which can be added to the side dashboard in Appearance -> Widgets.
Dashboard Widget Texts This option configures the color of the widget text which can be added to the side dashboard in Appearance -> Widgets.
Dashboard Widget Links This option is defined below this table.

Dashboard Widget Links

Use this option to set the color of widget links in the side dashboard. The links can have three states, and you can have a separate color for each one:

Regular: This color is the normal state of the link
Hover: This color is for when the mouse is over the link
Active: This color is for when the mouse has clicked on the link

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