How to create standard website for your company using Jupiter

Updated on July 2, 2018

Standard Website – If you are a small business and you want to create a website for your company you need to follow some standards and keep things formal and easy to access. We are going to give you some tips about this having Jupiter theme in mind.

Standard Website – Have catchy and informative homepage

In most cases your website visitors will start traversing your site from your homepage. Whether they find you from a search engine or an advertisement or campaign. That is why it is very important that your homepage be like, well designed enough to be eye-catching and also formal enough so that visitor feels they view a business website.

Standard Website – Good Logo

To achieve that goal you need to have a good logo which speaks for your company. Not too big not too small and easy to understand one is what should a logo be. In most cases such logos will look ok in desktop but not good enough in mobile view. That is why Jupiter gives you this opportunity to upload different versions of your logo into the front end for different situations.

Standard Website Good Logo

You can see such variations in Jupiter demo website by clicking here. Normally you will see a light version of Jupiter logo, but if you shrink your browser window you will see the dark variation.

Standard Website Dark Logo
Standard Website Light Logo

Standard Website – Good Slideshow

We also recommend that you think of a good slideshow items to use on your homepage. You can use your business products, mottos or even you can grab a camera and take cool pictures from your office. Anyway you need to have a slider which will show how serious is your business and what a visitor can get from your company in just a glance.

We suggest that you use Edge Slideshow shortcode for this, as it is a multipurpose slider in the heart of Multipurpose Worpdress Responsive theme of ours Jupiter 🙂

Standard Website Slideshow

Standard Website – Good Description

Describe about your company and services that your business provide briefly on your homepage. This can be achieved in different ways design wise, but we can suggest Animated Columns and Custom Box shortcodes for this.

For more information about Animated columns please click here.

Standard Website Custom Box
Standard Website Animated Columns

Standard Website – Good Call to Action

Try to have call to action forms on your homepage which you can get some information from potential customers, like their email address.

You can use Jupiter Contact Form feature as it has different styles you may be interested into, which will differ from the style you will choose for your Contact page.

Standard Website Contact Form 1
Standard Website Contact Form 2
Standard Website Contact Form 3

Good Testimonials

Have a section on your homepage where your previous customers talk about your services and give good ratings and advise.

You can have such a section using the Testimonial Shortcode in Jupiter.

Standard Website Testimonial

This shortcode has different variations like Boxed Column or Slideshow styles. Use whatever style you thing will suite your website design.

Standard Website – Good Clients

Always brag about your current clients, specially if they are big ones in their business category. But also avoid giving too much information about them, as your website will be visited not only by potential customers but also by your competitors!

We suggest that you use Jupiter Clients shortcode/Post Type combination to have exact amount of information to brag about and prevent having too much secrets revealed 😉

Standard WebsiteClient Logos

Standard Website – Good Footer

You need to have a good footer containing Social Media sharing and your Contact information and maybe some of your tweets there! So better stop reading now and open up Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts of your company and then come back reading the rest of this post.

Jupiter uses Widgets to add content for footer, which gives you endless possibilities not only to use JP specific widgets but also countless 3rd party ones available in the market. For design aspects of footer you need to go to Theme options -> General -> Footer where you can decide how many columns your footer should have and if it is fixed or not and so on.

Standard Website - Footer Options

Then you can be picky about style of the footer by going to Theme Options -> Styling -> Footer, where you can match colors you like for your footer, which naturally comes with logo color of your company, or maybe not! Anyway your call!

Standard Website - Footer Styling Options

And at last by going to Appearance -> Widgets you can assign your desired widgets into one of Footer widgets areas available for you in Jupiter.

Standard Website - Footer Widget Areas
Standard Website - Jupiter Widgets

You can see a good example of a footer by visiting Jupiter Demo Page

Standard Website - Footer Front End

Standard Website – Have a Vision and Mission

The About Us page is inevitable for a good company website where you need to give information about your company Vision and Mission. It may sound like a cliche, but not all cliches are bad, in this case your potential customers will be reassured that you up to something here, you know!

Jupiter can be helpful with different List Styles and Icon Boxes for listing important information on the page. Also you’re welcomed to use Process Steps shortcode to have a variation.

Standard Website - Icon Box
Standard Website - Process Steps

Standard Website – Introduce your Employees

Your company should be an entity to have faces. That means people should see pictures of your employees and some brief information about them. That makes visitor to connect with website better and have a feeling that your business is made of professionals whom are real and in reach.

Jupiter has this amazing Employee Shortcode and Post Type pair which you can utilize to have state of the art Employees page. In new version single pages of each employee will be added to your arsenal too!

Standard Website Employees

Standard Website – Introduce your Services

Wether you are a shoe making factory or consulting agency, at some point you will need to introduce your Products, Services or Works. Be as informative as you can on this page and make it in a way that visitors can traverse around different categories of your services and different parts without leaving the services page. It will make visitor to remember all potential information that he/she may need to be your future customer.

We suggest that you use Jupiter Portfolio shortcode and post type combination with the Ajax Load capability.

Standard Website Portfolio

To enable Ajax loading for Portfolios you need to go to each portfolio item and add necessary information you need to be loaded in Ajax enabled Editor.

Standard Website Portfolio Dashboard Options

Standard Website – Have a blog

Create a page to list your blog posts. What the heck? BLOG! in a company website? YES. You’re blog can be a menu item with some of your posts listed there in minimal way. Having a blog is important to make your website live and be updated regarding content every now and then. And it is good for search engines finding you better, although SEO is a complete independent matter which you need to take into consideration separately. So use this wonderful feature of WordPress which is available for you out of the box.

For small businesses we recommend the Blog Teaser shortcode to have a minimal and tidy version of blog which will not have heavy weight on your overall website.

Standard Website – Contact us our dear soon to be customer!

Well what a company website worths for, if it does not have a contact page having enough information about the company, and a way to communicate with visitors to get a list of contact points of potential customers!

Try to be as detailed oriented as you can on this page. Create a Google Map point for your company and add live map there into the page. Persuade all to go to Google Maps and rate your company there. Believe us this works in many cases to bring people just around you that you don’t aware which can be your customer.

We suggest that you use Contact Info shortcode of Jupiter to give information about your company.

Standard Website Contact Info

And Advanced Google Maps shortcode which you can add the map we talked about before.

Standard Website Advanced Google Maps

Also the Contact Form shortcode with a style different than one you used on homepage.

Standard Website Contact Form

Please click here and HERE to see samples of contact pages in Artbees Jupiter demo page.

We know that there are plenty other points which you need to know for having a good company website, that is why we encourage you to take part in making this article better and richer. So please kindly use the Article Feedback feature and give your suggestions and case scenarios. We will surely include your ideas here if we see it fit.

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