Theme License Clarification

Updated on May 21, 2023

Artbees is an exclusive Envato author, so the Jupiter X theme license follows the Standard licenses. The only point is Jupiter has become GPL licensed and an Extended license is not available now.

Regular License

Almost all users need to buy this type of license for use on a single domain. You can read more about the Regular License on the ThemeForest website. Please note that a regular license can be used on a single domain, but an unlimited number of websites if they are under the same domain. So, you don’t need to provide a separate license for your websites which are in a subdomain or a folder on your main domain.

Also, you can use a regular license for your staging/dev environment as well. Just after finishing your work on the staging website, revoke the API Key used there and register a new API Key with the same purchase code for your production website.

Info: If you have questions after reading the license articles in ThemeForest, contact Envato support.

GPL License

What is licensed as 100% GPL:

  • Jupiter X theme codebase
  • Jupiter X Core plugin

What is NOT licensed as 100% GPL:

  • Raven plugin for Elementor
  • Donut Plugin for WPBakery Page Builder
  • WPBakery Page Builder Plugin
  • Jet plugins (JetElements, Jet Menu, Jet Blog, Jet Engine, Jet Popup, Jet Smart Filters)
  • All premium sliders
  • Shop Customizer
  • Ready-made templates

When users purchase a license from Envato, they will get a purchase key that they can obtain their API keys to register Jupiter X and have access to any of the Pro features that will only work with a single domain.

License Registration in the Artbees Portal

Upon theme purchase from ThemeForest, you’ll receive a license key. Use the key to generate an API key for theme registration in the Artbees portal.

Note: To learn more about theme registration, read Registering the theme article.

Artbees API allows you to register your theme only on a single domain (including subdomains and subfolders).

Note: You can use API key on localhost, it works there too, as well as you can register the theme in a staging environment, and then revoke the API key and register with a newly generated API key on your new domain.

What do you get when you have a Jupiter X Pro license?

To see the benefits of having a valid license for the Jupiter X Pro theme, please visit this article:

Where can I find Jupiter, not Jupiter X?

Jupiter and Jupiter X are two different themes. The Jupiter X theme was reborn from Jupiter, but it uses Elementor rather than WPBakery Page Builder, so it works differently. Even still, Jupiter receives maintenance and security updates and is available on ThemeForest in the same package. Follow this article for more info:

How to download Jupiter 6?

Please see the above answer.

How to register Jet Elements?

Crockoblock plugins are bundled and free with the Jupiter X theme. However, a few features, such as Jet Element templates, require a valid license for the plugin. You can not use the Jupiter X license to register Jet Elements or other Crockoblock plugins. If you want to use Jet Elements, Jet Popup, and Jet Engine templates, you must purchase a valid license from Crockoblock and register your plugin. 

How to register Jet Popup?

Please see above.

Do I need to register Jet Elements?

If you have a valid license of the Jupiter X theme, you don’t need to register Jet Elements or any other Crockoblock plugins. They are free when you use Jupiter X. They will also have lifetime updates when you use the Jupiter X theme. However, if you wish to contact Crockoblock for a specific issue or use their block templates, you still need to register Jet Elements. The same is true for the Jet Popup plugin and Jet Engine.

Do I need to purchase Jet Popup?

Please see above.

Is Jupiter theme discontinued?

No, Jupiter theme receives lifetime security and maintenance updates. You can find the latest stable release on the release note. If you want to download it, see the above answers.

Is Jupiter 6 no longer updated and supported, or should we be seamlessly able to move to X?

Jupiter 6 is supported and will receive lifetime updates. You don’t need to move to Jupiter X if you are happy with Jupiter. We recommend moving to Jupiter X only for your new websites.

It’s also good to mention that there is no possible way to give a discount to individual buyers due to the Envato rules, but you can save money this way if you are up to buy a mass number of licenses: 

Discount on mass purchases

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